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Ideas To Select The Right Car Covers

Car addresses are essential if the vehicle sits outside or inside. They’re nevertheless best because here it’s subjected to a variety of factors once the vehicle sits outside. The vehicle will be shielded by a great address from pollutants including pine sap chicken feces, soil, sun light and dust. It’ll be held free of dust […]

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Five Top Winter Car Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Winter is upon us, and with it the toughest driving conditions of the year. It’s important that your car is performing as best as it possibly can during this period, especially as Money Expert estimate that there are as many as 50% more breakdowns during the winter. Luckily, there are some simple things you can […]

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Kevlar Protection in Armoured Cars

Armoured car manufacturers are shifting from steel to carbon Kevlar and other more modern material for better protection. Kevlar in particular is a very popular material to use. Kevlar is already commonly used to make bulletproof vests and helmets, so it is only natural that the material finds its way to armoured vehicles. Why Kevlar? […]

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Tips for new young drivers for reducing costs

If you have been counting down the days until your seventeenth birthday so that you can start learning to drive, you probably have quite a few things on your mind. The whole learning to drive saga has become a bit of a money pit these days, and many young people put it off because they […]

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5 Important DUI Traffic Stop Tips

If the police ever pull you over for suspicion of driving under the influence or DUI, then there are a few things you should understand. Your behavior and your decisions before, during, and after the traffic stop will be instrumental in determining whether or not you are convicted of a DUI. Take some of our […]

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Roll Up to Your Reception in a Stylish Vehicle

If your ceremony and reception venue are in two separate places, you’ll have to plan for transportation between the two. Or perhaps you want to make an entrance at the wedding venue itself. Sure, you could drive your own cars over, or spring for a limo, but why not go for something fun and unexpected? […]

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Is Selling My Junk Car the Best Choice?

At one time you may have had every intention of fixing up that old car that’s been sitting in your driveway unused, but as months (or years) have slipped away from you, it’s likely that so has the motivation to tackle the project. Unfortunately, whether or not it personally bothers you to see it sitting […]

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Car Warranties – Aspects You Should Be Aware Of

With the rising prices of new vehicles, many people now prefer to buy used automobiles. Being a prospective buyer should be aware of what kind of car warranty is available on the particular vehicle they are considering to purchase. Some of the dealers offer limited car warranties on the used vehicles, however some just not. […]