/CarGuards Partners and Who They Are
CarGuards Partners and Who They Are

CarGuards Partners and Who They Are

CarGuard Administration works differently from other extended warranty providers because of its extreme focus on customer service. Trevor Smith opted to throw out the complicated contracts prepared by highly paid attorneys with fine print designed specifically to confuse customers and shortchange them from expected benefits.

Smith introduced a radical concept on contracts that were easy to read and understand. That’s one of the astonishing benefits of CarGuard warranties. The other is the company’s ownership of employees and business associates who own part of the company, and they are heavily invested in providing exceptional customer service.

CarGuard Owners Stick Together

CarGuard’s owners include regular employees, agent partners, and office administrators. Each company stakeholder receives a share of the company as a reward for service and incentive to continue providing the best service in the car warranty industry.

Limits of Liability Expanded Over Other Car Warranties

Some services aren’t covered, but that’s true of any warranty company, but CarGuard expands coverage beyond most liability limits. For example, the company has the highest liability limits in the industry, which are $12,500 or the vehicle’s cash value, whichever figure is higher. If someone insures a Mercedes with a $30,000 cash value, they can receive $30,000 for repairing damage or as compensation for a complete loss.

Their reviews frequently feature strong mentions of the company’s superior customer service. That’s because all of their employers, partner agents, and administrators have a stake in providing the best possible customer service. Their administrators often contact policyholders directly to ask questions about a claim or to explain politely why some claims aren’t covered.

Most administrators take an ivory tower approach and never interact directly with customers. That’s one of the unique differences in the way that the CarGuard Administration conducts business. Special training helps take an active role in developing customer loyalty.

Guarantee of Outstanding Customer Experiences

People hear a lot these days about the critical importance of the customer experience. Companies spend millions of dollars on technology upgrades to enhance the customer’s online experience. Still, few are far-sighted enough to invest in their employees to create the best possible customer experiences. Not only does CarGuard share the company’s profits, but also it gives employees the following incredible customer-pleasing tools:

How CarGuard is having a customer-first mindset | Tycoonstory Media

First Day Rental

They pays for first-day car rental after a car accident. Customers can rent a replacement vehicle immediately, even if the repair only takes a few minutes.

Customers Can Change Their Own Oil

They trusts their customers to provide necessary maintenance like changing oil. Most car warranties specifically prevent this practice.

No Limits of Towing Expenses

CarGuard doesn’t limit the amount you can spend on towing, which is one thing less to worry about after experiencing an accident.

Competitive Pricing

They offers some of the most competitively priced car warranties in the industry. That means company agents and associates can earn higher profits and inspire greater customer loyalty.

Innovations Are a Prime Key to Success

CarGuard creates new products and relaxes rules continuously because of the suggestions of employees, customers, and agent partners. The company encourages any stakeholder to share their ideas for improvements.

Fully Insured

As an associate — or even a customer — anyone can appreciate that CarGuard is fully insured through a Contractual Liability Insurance Policy through Wesco Insurance Company, which has an “A” financial rating from AmBest.

The Benefits of Employee Ownership

Agent business associates are considered part of the CarGuard family, not just sales associates. The company invests even more heavily in their success with years of practical knowledge, tips, and incentives to foster greater success. When someone partners with them by offering their best trade practices and superior warranties for their customers.

Trevor Smith started the company to change minds about protecting one of their greatest assets in life — their vehicle. Smith emphasized clear contact language, competitive pricing, and innovative ideas as the company’s concept and mission statement. That’s why many service providers choose CarGuard for extended warranties for their customers. Reviews, policies, and customer service attract many independent agents, and the company’s employee ownership offers some great benefits.

  • Stock ownership empowers employees to receive greater benefits when the company succeeds.
  • The benefits include benefits to its employees, business partners, and average customers.
  • Owner/employees deliver better customer service than those not invested heavily in the company’s success.
  • The benefits extend to CarGuard’s business associates.
  • Job satisfaction rates rise accordingly.
  • Smaller turnover rates ensure more skilled service from long-employed experts.
  • Fostering a customer-first attitude to them and adjusters makes the company unique among its competitors.

Option of Custom Service Contracts

CarGuard doesn’t really offer extended warranties but service contracts, which cover more options than most. Customers can choose the exact level of coverage they want, including coverage of everyday repairs that most warranties don’t cover. Service contracts last longer than most warranties, and they cover the costs of repairs and replacement of failed components.

Trevor Smith focuses on warranty options and plans that provide superior peace of mind in what probably ranks as the biggest investment of many consumers. Consumers greatly appreciate service contracts that cover engine trouble while traveling with the family. The policyholder gets a replacement vehicle rental to continue and peace of mind. Business associates get a reliable partner with a focus on customer service.

Enjoy the benefits of owner-level customer service, build a solid personal brand and attract more customers with CarGuard Service Contracts.