/How To Sell A Totaled Car

How To Sell A Totaled Car

You have been in an accident, and your car has been totaled. Now, what do you do with the car? It’s not like you can take it out and drive it, and it isn’t doing you any good sitting there in your driveway or garage. You may think that because it has been totaled that you won’t be able to get anything if you try to sell it. But, you would be wrong. There are actually a few ways that you can make money from this junk vehicle, and have it taken off your hands. Check out the following ways to sell a totaled car.

Sell the Cars

One way that you can sell your totaled car is through http://www.sellthecars.com, and they will give you top dollar for the wreck. This is actually one of the easiest ways to sell a wrecked vehicle. All you have to do is call or go online for a quote, and give some information about the make, model, year, and condition of the vehicle. You will receive a quote, and within 48 hours, a representative will arrive to inspect the vehicle and tow it away. As long as the vehicle is just as you stated condition-wise, you will receive your money right there on the spot. It doesn’t get much easier than that


Another way to sell a car that has been totaled in an accident is to take it to a junk yard. You have a couple of options here. If the vehicle is drivable, you can deliver it to the junk yard yourself. If you can’t drive the vehicle, they will come and tow it away for you. The only problem with having it towed is that the cost of the towing will come off the total amount they are paying you for the car. Even if you are able to drive the car to the junk yard, don’t expect to make a lot of money. They are in the business to make money and not give it away, and they will only give you the absolute bare minimum for your wrecked car.

Sell Parts

If you have the time, tools, and skills, you can strip the car and take all of the sellable parts off. Then, you can sell each part separately. In many cases, you will make more money this way than by selling the car as a whole to a junk yard. You can sell the parts to a junk yard, or advertise the parts for sale online, in newspaper classified ads, etc.

Sell it As Is

There actually are some people who like to buy wrecked cars and fix them up, either for themselves or to sell. You just need to make sure that when you sell the car that you specify on the bill of sale that it is being sold as is. That way, the buyer can’t come back later and demand a refund because you sold them a junk car that they can’t drive.