/How To Trade Junk Cars For Cash

How To Trade Junk Cars For Cash

Even though junk cars may not be of any use to you, yet they can still bring you some cash depending on the car’s condition, weight, and features. If you don’t want to donate your junk car to a non-profit for tax deduction and free towing, you have the option to sell it off for a decent amount to a good junkyard.

Trading junk cars for cash is not so easy. Follow these steps to sell your junk car:

  1. Take advice form a mechanic: If you have already made up your mind to exchange junk cars for cash, you should rethink your decision. It is always wise to get an expert opinion before making a decision. The best advice anyone can give you in this situation is an auto mechanic. If he tells you that your car has minor faults and can be repaired at an affordable amount, you should go for it. This could increase your car’s resale value.
  1. Car title: Before calling a junkyard, you should make sure that you have proper documentation to prove that you are owner of the car. Buyers would take junk cars for cash after establishing ownership of the cars. If you have misplaced the title, you can reapply for a new one because it is already on record of DMV.
  1. Important information about the car: From the owner’s manual, you can find important information pertaining to your car. Prospective buyers would ask for year of car, manufacturer, model and similar questions. You should have all information handy to provide whenever they bring up the questions. Moreover, potential buyers would inquire as to what is wrong with the car. You should tell them everything truthfully.
  1. Search and contact junkyards: A simple Google search can display details of junkyards near you. You should get the contact details of at least four or five junkyards and contact them to know if they are interested in trading junk cars for cash. Again, you would be asked many questions related to your vehicle and you should have all the information ready to communicate.
  1. Make your car tidy: After prospective buyers show interest in your junk car, chances are they would like to see it. You should insist that they visit your location to have a look at the car. Before they arrive, you should make your car clean and tidy. You should take out all your belonging from inside the car, and wash and vacuum it. Ask the junkyard if they want you to remove anything, such as tires, windows, seats etc. Experts recommends that you remove all your items from the car, especially anything the bears your identity information
  1. Negotiating price: You deserve to get a reasonable price for your junk car. Showing you car to more than one junkyard would bring you several price options. Moreover, while deciding the price of your vehicle, you should price it a little above the actual price you want to sell it at. This would give you more flexibility and space when the potential buyers enter bargain and negotiation.