/Adventure Tour By Electric Scooter

Adventure Tour By Electric Scooter

Have you ever traveled through states or towns with the best electric scooter? I have. The last time I rode my scooter through the hills and valleys of my country, I had so much fun. It made me realize how much an electric scooter and stunt scooter can go, especially if you make it to. We were in a group of five, who were out to maximize on the opportunity for so much fun.


Of course, we had high-quality scooters, and since I’m a mechanic, our machines were in the right hands. We prepared for the day and assembled everything we needed before we left for the adventure. It was like a stunt scooter rally setting off from our neighborhood into the wildest parts of the country. Besides the wildest rides that we all experienced, we toured the wild in style, and that was the best part of the adventure.

Why We Chose This Tour

That was the coolest thing that we could think of at the moment. Everyone in the group was from my neighborhood, and we were friends. Our neighborhood was fond of hosting races and rallies that did well to bring us together over the time.

That is how we met and became friends. For the stunt scooter adventure tour, we just came together and organized it one weekend when we were watching a horse race in a local pub. In fact, one of my friends suggested it, and I was so into the idea that I mobilized it among other friends just the same day he gave me the idea.

How to Organize

In a tour like the one we had, you need to carry only the most important things with you. You must get ready for any emergency. One of the reasons why such adventures require you to travel in a group of riders is because you will need to work in a team.

Then you assign duties to make things easier. I carried tools and my personal stuff like water and fruits. One friend carried a first aid kit and his personal stuff. One of the riders also carried a camera so that we could take photos of almost everything that caught our eyes along the way. That is how we assigned duties, and together we were an excellent team all through the tour.

How It Went

We set off together very early in the morning. We gathered in the gymnasium, and we left together. Everyone was in the right gear as we cruised through the deserted roads together as if we were some Texas biker gangs. The sun rose from the east when we were already an hour into the tour.

I could feel my stunt scooter piercing through the opposing wind alike it was nothing. Of course, the wind was trying as hard as it could to blow us to a stop, especially since it was still morning. It made the first few hours of the journey close to unbearable. But when the sun finally came out fully, it was the offset of a really good time. My friends followed me in unison like I was their leader or something.

We drove through our local game reserve the whole day, riding through rough roads and upsetting dust with our scooters everywhere we pass. We took photos with rocks, browning grass, butterflies, the sun, rivers, and every other wild animal that was willing to persevere the flashes from our cameras.

It was an endless journey. We only stopped to eat, to fill our tanks, to take photos of attractive scenes, to sign autographs for the locals who thought we were Nicholas Cage, Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Hugh Jackman, and Marvin Gaye. The funniest part it that they thought I was Marvin Gaye, back from the dead.

You don’t need any experience to try it out. These self-propelled scooters make it easy for you to get around almost anything or any obstacle. You can ride through a strong wind, find your way through a rough terrain, get around underwater, and still come out unscathed. Most times, you will reach a point that triggers your doubt if you can pass it, but trust me; electric scooters are created to do things that they don’t necessarily look like they can do.