/Car Breakdowns: What To Do and How To Manage Car Breakdowns

Car Breakdowns: What To Do and How To Manage Car Breakdowns

As an owner, there will always be a fear when it comes to your car breaking down somewhere unimaginable – be it in the middle of a busy intersection, during the night and other relatable situations. What should one do when this does happen?

Here are some tips on how to manage car-breakdowns  

Stay calm. It is essential to not to stress yourself too much in times of such crisis. It will enable you to think of your options and make better decisions.

Pull over the side of the road if possible. Safety should always be your priority. It is best to park your car somewhere safe, that is if it is still doable. If it is not possible to move your car out of the middle of the road, then let it be.

Make use of your hazard sign and emergency warning triangle and the like.Doing so will let other drivers know of the hazard and can even offer some help. Be careful though of strangers – it is best to stay inside your vehicle and just roll your windows down a bit if someone you don’t know approaches you. If they offer help, ask them to call the police.

Assess the problem. Once you know that your car is in a safe place, try to check if you can see what the problem is. As an owner, one must have at least a slight knowledge when it comes to cars and how to check your engine as that knowledge will come in handy in times like this.

Be careful of the hot engine and try to check a blown a fuse or a battery cable that is loose. Make sure you turn off the engine when checking on the fuse. If everything seems to be working fine, check your spark plugs. Once you’ve tried checking on these three things, try to restart your car.

If nothing seems to work, it is best to call for help. If you’re lucky, you might meet a good Samaritan in the form of a friendly driver, but be careful in whom you trust. Call a police officer, ask for a roadside officer, a family, loved one or someone whom you trust to come and help you or send someone to get you and your car.

Contact a trusted mobile mechanic and explain your situation and location. If you’ve got no one or knows no one who can help you at the time of need, your best option to get out of this sticky and inconvenient situation is to call for reinforcement.  They should be able to help you asap, and it would be much easier to let them handle the situation by going to you instead of asking for your car to be towed away.

You’re not only able to call out for help, but they will also go straight to your location and try to fix the problem to the best of their ability on the spot. A mobile mechanic will have the necessary experience, tools, and skills to make sure your car is up and running again in no time, not to mention, save you from the dilemma you are currently facing.