/Facts On Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

Facts On Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

Diesel Oxidation Catalysts or DOCs are devices that can be found in diesel operated equipments and vehicles. It is an exhaust after-treatment equipment geared towards reducing emissions of harmful pollutants in the air coming from diesel engines. It is emerging in the market these days because it is known for its simplicity and low maintenance requirements. It consists of a precious metal in a honeycomb styled stainless steel housing. When hot diesel exhaust flows through it, it creates a catalytic response which causes the breakdown of pollutants into less dangerous components.

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DOCs for Emission Reduction

Since many government authorities and environmental advocates are becoming tighter as ever when it comes to regulating the emissions from vehicles and equipments that produces harmful pollutants in the environment, the need for a quick, effective and efficient solution like DOC has become essential. The pollutant matters that are being incarcerated by the DOCs are largely soluble organics that come from fuel and oil that didn’t undergo the complete burning process in the engine. Further, DOCs are verified and are classified for use of specific engines and model years to effectively perform its desired function and produce the expected outcome of lesser harmful pollutants being released into the environment.

DOC Costs, Maintenance and Longevity

DOC prices commonly range from 600 to 2000 dollars, which comes already in complete packages. The differences in prices are commonly affected by the manufacturers, installation requirements, engine size and the special needs of the engine where it will be installed. Most of the DOCs are slightly heavier than a muffler so most of the time it needs a special mounting process which also affects the price.

Diesel Oxidation Catalysts, when installed and underwent proper maintenance procedures, can last for the rest of the life of the vehicle. Sometimes its longevity is computed between five to ten years or equivalent to 10,000 hours of operation. Be certain that trusted maintenance tools like acatalytic converter cleaner and others are the one being used for your DOCs to ensure that it will be given the proper maintenance needs. What makes the DOC’s life shorter and poor performance is due to frequent engine problems that are related to fuel control or oil concerns. Always take note that DOC maintenance is a must and not optional to lessen the incident of having costly replacements.

Warranty coverage of most DOCs is commonly part of a commercial contract between the supplier and the customer. Most of the time, the warranty coverage includes defects in the workmanship of the product for a determined range of time or miles run, or its operating hours performed.

In a nutshell, Diesel Oxidation catalysts have become an effective tool in reducing the emission of harmful pollutants in the environment which the diesel engines produce. It can be said that DOC is one of the best means of making the world a better place to live in, where the environment is taken care of as much as the people can, without sacrificing the continued growth of the economy and industrialization which heavily depends on diesel engines.

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