/Good Investments For Any Truck: Floor Mats And Seat Covers
Good Investments For Any Truck: Floor Mats And Seat Covers

Good Investments For Any Truck: Floor Mats And Seat Covers

We know you take pride in your truck, but oftentimes we tend to place more importance on the exterior image and functionality than the interior. However, if you want yours to stay looking and feeling its best, you need to invest in some high-quality floor mats and seat covers. We’ll let you know exactly what to look for so you end up with the best choice for your vehicle. In just a few minutes, your truck will be protected from heavy use, and look better instantly!

Seat Covers

Next up, we have seat covers which most of us already have some experience with. While it may seem like your stock seats are doing just fine, they’ll eventually start to age and being to break down. This is where you’ll start to see little holes or fraying at the seams, tears, stains from years or months of spills and general use. If you have an active lifestyle, this will probably occur sooner rather than later.

Not only are seat covers great for preventing all this, but they also allow you to customize your seats!


Adding on to what we just said, even if you or your passengers avoid drinking and eating in your truck, you can still easily stain the seats. Muddy or dirty feet or clothing can easily do this – even without you realizing it at the moment. Just like our clothing and carpet gets dirty with regular use, so do car seats. Sure, you can get them detailed or do it yourself, but that costs money and time, and it’s just easier to avoid for most people.

If you have pets hanging out on your seats, you then also have to worry about vacuuming out the pet fur or their claws potentially ruining them too. UV rays emitted by the sun can begin to fade the color of the fabric surprisingly fast, as it can become magnified by the windows. If you have leather seats, this is of particular importance.


As you probably know, seat covers come in an array of different materials. Let’s take a look at the most common:

  • Neoprene – Neoprene is generally one of the most durable and heavy-duty options so if you lead a lifestyle full of extreme sports or other business, this will be the one for you. It’s actually made of the same material as scuba suits, so you can expect them to hold up well against extreme temperatures and moisture, as well as dirt and grime.
  • Velour – Velour is luxurious and gives your vehicle an air of plush to it. These are typically made of a type of polyester or cotton but will feel great against the skin. As far as protection goes, it won’t protect the seats underneath from moisture, but it’s great for adding style.
  • Leather/Faux Leather – We all know leather looks expensive, but not everyone likes the idea of using real leather nor spending the extra cash to obtain it. Leather/faux leather won’t absorb liquids which will keep your seats safe but it tends to get cold in the winter and blisteringly hot in the summers.
  • Canvas – Canvas is another solid option if you have an active lifestyle. It will last for many years to come, hold up to regular use, resist dirt, liquids, and other substances, etc. It’s very form-fitting so it won’t risk bunching up and looking cheap. We like canvas covers for households with kids and pets.


Once you’ve decided on the material that’s right for your truck, make sure you double-check to see if your seats have these:

  • Headrests (are they built-in or can you adjust them?)
  • Armrests (how many/which seats have them?)
  • Airbags
  • Any built-in screens in the seats

Floor Mats

Floor mats may not be quite as exciting as car seat covers, but they are still important in maintaining the appearance and integrity of your interior. There are plenty of options when it comes to size, texture, design, and more. Sure, you will typically receive floor mats when you purchase your truck, but these are the cheapest options around. Not only do they look “meh”, they will deteriorate rather quickly. Moreover, they’re not the easiest to clean and tend to move around often so are they really that effective?

No one wants to have to replace interior carpeting if they don’t have to, so you need carpets that keep it in good condition.


No matter what year, model, and make your truck is, you’re practically guaranteed to find mat that fit it just right. Generally speaking, you’ll be able to choose from black, gray, or tan. The most important thing here is that you understand your vehicle’s interior layout thoroughly as there are so many different types and configurations of mat sets.


There aren’t too many to choose from, as most are made of either rubber or carpet.

Rubber – Rubber mats are perfect if you have kids, pets, and/or lead a very active lifestyle. For example, if you or someone else in your household enjoys dirtbiking or horseback riding, you’re going to get a lot of dirt and mud on the floors of the truck. Rubber won’t absorb it nor can the passengers accidentally stomp it into the mats. They don’t absorb liquids so you won’t have to worry about stains, and they are quick and easy to wash off.

Carpet – If the floors of your truck are generally pretty clean, you may not need something as tough as rubber. Carpet mats work well for general dirt, dust, and debris but they do absorb liquids and tend to grow bacteria more than rubber does.


It’s indisputable that a good set of mats and car seat covers are essential to have for your truck, there are also other great accessories that you may like to add into your setup. We know how important it is to you, and you want to treat it with care while still being able to take it on all your adventures. We hope this guide helped you out in picking the best set for you. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you again shortly!