/How Is My Car’s Steering?
How Is My Car’s Steering?

How Is My Car’s Steering?

Your steering can be affected by a few things in the vehicle. Your steering effectiveness is largely determined by the amount and quality of power steering fluid in the machine Nono’s 76. However, there are a few other issues to look for. Here are some tips on identifying those issues early and getting them squared away for your next drive.

Power Steering Fluid

You’ll notice this mostly in turns. If you don’t feel the turn sticking or as if the wheel is giving you more resistance/less resistance than it should, there’s likely an issue there in your power steering fluid levels. Once this has been identified, it has to be determined if there’s a leak or simply the fluid has gotten compromised by something external.

Power Steering Belt

Next down the line, the power steering belt. This could easily be getting worn down or damaged similarly to the fluid. Unfortunately, this likely will require inspection rather than a simple eye test in some cases. Although it may look normal, there’s often little more than a color change and some small impact points on a power steering belt. Since these damages can look so minimal, they often get overlooked by an untrained eye. Getting professional assistance here is the most common solution.

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Strut Bearings

These will be the most impairing to your driving ability. If you have poor strut bearings, professional assistance is necessary immediately. You’ll feel your wheel sliding left and right without your control, which cannot happen on the open road.

Overall, if you’re seeking assistance with your steering or have any questions, give us a call today. We’ll learn more about your situation and how your steering has been impacted, as well as give guidance on how to move forward. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!