/Kevlar Protection in Armoured Cars

Kevlar Protection in Armoured Cars

Armoured car manufacturers are shifting from steel to carbon Kevlar and other more modern material for better protection. Kevlar in particular is a very popular material to use. Kevlar is already commonly used to make bulletproof vests and helmets, so it is only natural that the material finds its way to armoured vehicles.

Why Kevlar?

Carbon Kevlar is extremely light, very thin and offer the same level of protection as thick steel plating. It is the perfect material for armoured vehicles simply because it is very easy to mould and shape. Armoured car manufacturers such as Inkas can now keep their armoured vehicles lighter without lowering the level of protection.

Kevlar is also a very versatile material. The carbon fibre weave can be mixed with other materials such as titanium and magnesium for better strength and rigidity. The whole composite can be kept light enough for armoured vehicles, making it perfect for luxury cars as well.

Benefits of Using Kevlar

From the previous part, we know that Kevlar offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Thinner armour plating, allowing the car to be relatively similar in shape to the standard version.
  • Kevlar is very easy to mould, so manufacturers can create shapes that are not normally possible with thick steel.
  • The composite is also much easier to process. This speeds up the process of armour plating a car entirely.
  • Kevlar provides better ballistic performance. It can withstand higher calibre rounds for a longer period of time. The material is also great for keeping shrapnel out of the car and away from the passengers.
  • Let’s not forget that Kevlar is fire resistant. In the event of a car fire, Kevlar will continue to protect the passengers inside from flames.

With so many benefits to offer, Kevlar is quickly becoming the material of choice among armoured car manufacturers. The technology behind the production of Kevlar and other Kevlar-based composites has also improved massively over the past years, so it is interesting to see how this material will be used in a more creative and practical way in the future.

Applications of Kevlar in Armoured Cars

Body plating is usually the place where you will find Kevlar installed, especially in luxury armoured vehicles. The lightness of Kevlar means the car can continue to perform very well with just minimal engine tuning. Paired with specially processed bullet-resistant glass, the entire weight of the armoured car can be reduced by as much as 60%.

Kevlar is also used inside the cabin of armoured cars. It is not uncommon for an armoured car to have multiple layers of Kevlar lining the cabin and providing additional protection for the passengers. Combined with carbon fibre composites and titanium, Kevlar can even be used to build components of the cabin directly.

The latest advancement in Kevlar technology enables armoured car manufacturers to build the entire passenger tub as one. Combined with steel and titanium through a special processing technique, the extra strength and rigidity provide passengers with additional protections, including from collisions and detonations.