/Leaving On A Jet Plane – Four Short Hops That Won’t Bankrupt You

Leaving On A Jet Plane – Four Short Hops That Won’t Bankrupt You

To paraphrase the lyric of the famous song by John Denver: ‘Are your bags packed, are you ready to go?’ – if the answer is ‘Yes!’, then you are probably buzzing with excitement and can’t wait to leave for the airport.

The rise of the city break in the modern traveller’s repertoire owes much to the ease and simplicity of air travel.  Spending a few days immersed in the culture of a foreign city  makes for a special treat and breaks up the nine-to-five working monotony in a relatively   economic way in terms of both money and time. Catching a flight to far flung destinations has never been so easy and the choices are constantly widening, expanding our holiday horizons year on year.

The Euro-zone is a good place for a city break right now. With all the unease in Europe surrounding Greece, and weak economic data released by several leading players in the Euro-zone, the pound is riding high and your hard-earned holiday cash will stretch further.

Additionally, travelling to many cities in Europe represents great value for money if you choose to fly from Heathrow or Gatwick Airports. Consider using the town of Camberley as a convenient place to stay before and after flying abroad. Camberley is approximately 19 miles from Heathrow Airport and 43 miles from Gatwick Airport, making it a handy stopover point for those travelling on international city breaks. With plenty of quality accommodation available at various price-points, Camberley is conveniently situated but far enough away from the airports not to be charging premium rates.Camberley taxiscan transport you in comfort to the departure terminals at Heathrow or Gatwick, dropping you at the airport for a hassle-free experience. Likewise, book Camberley taxis to collect you on your return for a smooth and convenient homecoming.

So let’s see if we can decide where that jet plane is going to take us. Here are four ideas for city breaks in Europe that combine fantastic scenery and locations with reasonably priced accommodations and living expenses.

Languid Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal is an unappreciated gem offering history, architecture, great food and hotels at prices that won’t wipe the holiday smile off your face. For a spot of  mild winter sun, the hilly city of Lisbon with its trams, old limestone buildings and laid back lifestyle is the perfect destination. Must sees include St George’s Castle, Sé Cathedral and the historic Alfama district with its ancient Moorish architecture.

Blissful Barcelona

Only a short flight away from Heathrow or Gatwick, this vibrant Spanish city is generous with its charms. Culture-vultures are spoilt in Barcelona and will spend hours admiring the creative marvels of Gaudi in Park Guell and the stunning SagradaFamilia. Shopoholics will enjoy the tree-lined Las Ramblas for its variety and bargains as well as the many street-side restaurants and cafés ideal for watching the world go by. Beach-side nightclubs and a sophisticated and cosmopolitan cultural scene make Barcelona a strong contender for a memorable city stopover. Save money by booking apartments rather than more pricier hotel accommodation.

Pretty Prague

Prague in the Czech Republic is growing in popularity as visitors learn what great value and fantastic cultural richness it delivers. For a snowy winter wonderland break or hot summer sojourn, the down-town historic district of Prague is magical. Lodgings and accommodation in this pretty and prosperous city are affordable and dining out (especially drinks) will not mean blowing your entire holiday budget. The currency is the Czech koruny, but euros are often accepted as well – it’s wise to take a combination of the two. Make sure you get to see the fairytale Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and St Vitus Cathedral.

Sweet Crete

If a short sharp blast of sun and beaches is what you desire on a holiday break, head for the island of Crete in Greece. This diverse land of hidden bays, historic sites and bustling cities offers something for everyone. History buffs, beach bums, culture hounds, gastronomes, fashionistas – whichever gang you belong to, you will feel welcome in Crete. Accommodation, whether you choose hotels, small pensions or apartments, you will find  most of it very competitively priced. Push your pound to the max on a Cretan break and grab yourself some truly amazing Greek vacation value.

So, there you have four ideas to mull over for your next great escape. None of them are too far or too pricey, so if you really can’t decide where to go, why not visit them all? You know you want to…