/Top 5 Mistakes Pet Owners Make

Top 5 Mistakes Pet Owners Make

Adopting or buying a pet either a cat or a dog is very responsible task. The future owners have to take into consideration a lot of things ranging from a place where an animal will live to toys and accessories it will play with. However, there are a lot of people who simply forget to follow rules and as a result, their pets end up in veterinary clinics. So, before checking in the internet best Kijiji deals for cat adoption or dog adoption or calling breeders to buy an expensive breed, read this article carefully. There are potential dangers your pet might encounter in everyday life and you should pay close attention to them.



Every time you come back home from the long and exhausting walks in the wood or park the first thing you should do is to check yourself and your dog or cat whether you have caught any tick or not. Ticks are known to transmit such serious disease as Lyme disease which can cause fever or even death. In case you have found a tick, quickly remove it with the help of tweezers trying not to crush it. the best step, however, it to turn to the nearest vet clinic for help.


If your pet starts vomiting or you can spot diarrhoea, it’s a clear signal that you have overlooked a roundworm. These parasites are widespread in both cats and dogs and you need to consult your vet how to prevent it. The presence of this roundworm can be also mentioned if your pet starts losing its hair.


If you are careless enough to skip flea medicine, you should know that this nuisance is not only your cat’s or dog’s business. Not only itchy sores will be the source of inconveniencies connected with fleas. You also might have heard of such a serious disease as bubonic plague, which by the way fleas successfully transmit. So, set a reminder in your phone to take flea treatment for your pets and you will be safe and sound.

Full food bowl

The natural desire of all tenderhearted owners is to ensure that their pet is not hungry and they fill the bowl full with food. These at first sight innocuous intentions might result in the pet’s obesity which is a serious condition of heath for them. If the food is available all the time, you pet will eat and eat and eat without any control because they hardly can understand anything in modern diets. In order to avoid this, it’s better to give your pets small portions, but frequently.

Little Exercise

Needless to say that heath of all animals including humans depends of the active lifestyle. Cats and dogs especially those living in apartment conditions require these regular exercises more than others. So, take as a rule to walk your dog minimum 3 hours a day in any weather conditions and play outdoor games with it. As for cats, it is possible to set up a vertical living environment so that it could crawl, jump and climb indoors.

All things considered, you are ready to check different sites to see best of the best dogs to adopt or consider different offers for cats adoption.