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Top Affordable Classic Cars

The classic car hobby has seen incredible growth in the past decade, and as new car prices continuer to rise and classic car prices becoming more affordable, we should continue to see this trend grow. While some might assume that you have to have a lot of money to get into the classic car restoration and collecting hobby, that isn’t quite true. In fact, there are a large number of inexpensive classic cars that almost anyone can afford. Let’s take a look at some of them and see if there are any that you might considering as your next project:

Top Affordable Classic Cars

MGB GT/ Roadster- the MGB is one of the most popular classic cars in the UK and it is one of the most accessible. A good condition MGB will cost between £3,000 and £7,000 depending on how much restoration you want to do.

Triumph Spitfire- honouring the Spitfire fighter plane, the Triumph Spitfire was produced from 1962 until 1980. With a price around£4000-7000 for a daily driver, this is one classic Triumph that is popular with many new collectors.

Mini Cooper- the Mini began production in 1959 as a response to the Suez-induced fuel crisis of the time. Owned by successive owners, Austin, British Leyland and Rover, more than 5.3m Minis were produced. Prices around £3000-8000 are average for the original mini.

Jaguar XJ-S- ranging in price from £6,000 to £20,000 depending on the engine size and the condition of the body, the Jaguar XJ-s is a good investment for any Jaguar fan.

MG Midget- another MG worth a look, the MG Midget is a budget 2-seater that is easy to restore and easy to maintain. Look for the early, chrome-bumpered versions as they are more desirable to collectors. Prices range between £3000-£7000.

Triumph Herald- the “amphibious” Triumph Herald brought national attention to this British classic while other versions are available and much less expensive including the convertible hardtop or estate versions.

Mercedes Benz CE (W123)- the Mercedes Benz CE can be had for under £2,000 and they are as indestructible as the come. With four doors, a large boot and plenty of legroom, the CE is the perfect classic tourer.

Triumph Stag- the Triumph Stag was produced between 1970 and 1978 and it came with a V8 engine, 4 seats and plenty of style. Even James Bond drove one in Diamonds are Forever!

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