/What Do You Know About Your Auto Insurance?

What Do You Know About Your Auto Insurance?

These days, carrying auto insurance is a must. Nearly every state in America requires you to be able to provide proof of insurance on demand. If you are unable to provide that proof, you could be looking at some heavy fines. You might wonder why this is so important, but just consider what could happen if you were in an accident and are not carrying appropriate coverage for your vehicle.

Not only could you be liable for fixing or replacing your own vehicle, if at fault you would be liable for fixing or replacing the other drivers’ vehicle(s). And if any other property (like a mailbox or power pole) were damaged or destroyed in the accident, you could be liable for that as well. Now think about how much money you could be looking at there – it is in the thousands. Most of us don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around waiting to be used in case of disaster.

And that’s where insurance comes in. Carrying the right amount of insurance coverage on your car allows you some peace of mind and a certain amount of freedom you wouldn’t otherwise feel. You wouldn’t have to pay for damage to your car or another person’s car out of pocket (with exception of a deductible, perhaps). The policy would cover damage beyond the collision itself, usually including damage to the property of others. Many times, lost wages are covered, and you have coverage when you travel out of state. If you are sued in relation to an accident, you would only be liable up to a certain amount which is usually reasonable, in the scheme of things. If you need to get around while your car is in for repairs, most insurance covers the cost of a rental car so you have transportation in the meantime.

There are two main types of car insurance: liability and comprehensive. You can think of liability insurance as the bare minimum – it will cover the essential necessity of insurance requirements to operate the vehicle. Comprehensive coverage protects you with the things that make life easier like rental cars, replacing your car altogether if it is totaled, and replacing your personal possessions. The benefits of having and maintaining good insurance coverage for your vehicle are many – the drawbacks are few. In fact, the drawback is only the money it takes to pay the premium. But when you offset that cost against the thousands you could be liable for in the event of an accident, it becomes insignificant.

Many insurance companies today even offer great incentives for good driving records. They can remove your deductible and pay you bonus checks when you are deemed a safe driver. When you consider all the benefits of having good insurance versus all the drawbacks if you don’t, it makes the decision to make sure you have it a no-brainer. Whether you have a black coffee (liability coverage) or a cappuccino (comprehensive coverage), the bottom line is that you have done the right thing in protecting what means the most: your future.

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