/XADO Technology, Heavy Truck Fuel Consumption
XADO Technology, Heavy Truck Fuel Consumption

XADO Technology, Heavy Truck Fuel Consumption

Tips To Reduce Fuel Consumption In Heavy Trucks

There are several things that can help reduce heavy truck fuel consumption and other expenses, including products offered by XADO Canada. With a few adjustments to the daily routine of the organization, the elevated fuel expenses can be brought down significantly, in a lot of cases, by a noteworthy amount.

However, there is more to making this happen than just instructing drivers to ease up on that heavy right foot. The most successful approach to get a modification in driving behaviors is with the help of technology.

  • Better Routing

With GPS location tracking, fleet managers can be familiar with where a vehicle is in real time. In conjunction with software that keep track of traffic and weather conditions, dispatchers and managers can route the vehicle to keep away from unfavorable circumstances, saving fuel with the reduced heavy truck fuel consumption as well as shortening drive time. When the fleet has several vehicles running on the road, dispatch can match a delivery target to the nearby vehicle, further reducing the miles traveled.

  • Enhanced Driving

High speeds consume more fuel. Above 55 mph, each additional mile per hour reduces fuel economy by 0.1 mpg. A vehicle running at 65 mph loses a mile per gallon, and that totals at the end of a whole run, or even a day. There are several technologies that can keep an eye on the behavior of the driver and detect unsafe or overly aggressive driving, or excessive speed. Such technologies can send a driver an instantaneous alert to decrease speed, which will contribute to improved fuel management.

  • Less Engine Idling

Traffic jam or less than most favorable routing on a job site will increase the idle time of engine. A few fleets have been found run up idle numbers as high as forty to fifty percent of operation. This means that up to ½ the time the engine is running, it is burning fuel without any benefit. Again, several technologies give actionable data that can facilitate in lessening or keeping away from the circumstances that lead to excess engine idling.

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