/How To Safely Tow A Car In An Emergency
How To Safely Tow A Car In An Emergency

How To Safely Tow A Car In An Emergency

Whether it is a dead battery or any other mechanical issue, your vehicle can get stranded anywhere at any time. But there is no cause for alarm. There are a lot of people in the car towing services these days. If you do not wish to opt for this service, you can tow the car yourself. Its seems a lot easier than done. Why?

While towing a car, there are so many things that can go wrong. You can end up damaging the vehicle. The towed vehicle might be safely secured. There are a lot more things that can go wrong. Hence, I have decided to talk about safely towing a car in an emergency. Pay close attention because this information might prove useful one day.

Tow Rope

While towing a vehicle, you will need a tow rope. Many people think that a large tow rope is a good choice. But it’s not. The larger the tow rope, the harder it is to tow the vehicle and get it to a workshop. Many countries have limited the rope’s length to a maximum of 4.5 meters. Do not try to work your way around the law.

Tow Car

Make sure that the vehicle which will tow the broken-down car is at least similar to the other vehicle. The recommended choice is to have a bigger vehicle. Never use a smaller vehicle to tow a big vehicle. You can cause irreparable damage to both vehicles. The engine of the smaller vehicle can get damaged because of the increased pressure on it. Moreover, the transmission and tires are also exposed to unnecessary pressure which can lead to some very costly repairs / replacements.

The Towed Car Must Be On

The towed car must be turned on. If the engine is dead, turn the ignition to ‘on’. In new vehicles, the steering gets locked once the car is turned off. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult to turn the vehicle. You will just be exerting unnecessary pressure on the tires and the steering components. This might cause damage which can be easily avoided if the car ignition was turned to ‘on’. The reason is that when the car is in this position, the steering does not get locked.

Keep The Distance Minimal

Your car owner manual states the maximum distance a car can be towed with its wheels on the ground. Do not even think about driving more than this distance. Otherwise, you are in for a costly repair. Hence, I always recommend people to drive to the nearest workshop after towing. If there is no workshop in sight, call a professional towing service. They will just tow the vehicle onto their recovery vehicle. This way, there is no chance of any damage to the vehicle.

Keep The Speed Low

Just like the maximum towing distance, you are required to keep the speed low. It is recommended not to drive more than 60 km/h when towing a car. Otherwise, it can become difficult to control a towing car and can result in an accident. The car ahead knows exactly what is ahead but the towed car’s view is blocked. You might be able to brake or turn in time but it is quite difficult for the towed car to do the same.