/Roll Up to Your Reception in a Stylish Vehicle

Roll Up to Your Reception in a Stylish Vehicle

If your ceremony and reception venue are in two separate places, you’ll have to plan for transportation between the two. Or perhaps you want to make an entrance at the wedding venue itself. Sure, you could drive your own cars over, or spring for a limo, but why not go for something fun and unexpected? Here are some great rides to consider for your wedding day.

Party Bus

A party bus doesn’t have to be just for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Rent one for the day of the wedding and the whole wedding party can ride in style. Bonus points for arranging to have the driver drop off all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen at home, so they don’t have to arrange for a sober ride.

School Bus

We recently attended a wedding between two schoolteachers, and they arrived at the ceremony in a bright yellow school bus. It was an adorable touch and made for a memorable entrance. When it was time to go to the reception venue, all of the guests were trying to get a ride in the bus.

Classic Car

If you have a friend with a beauty of an old convertible, see if he’ll take the wheel for you and your spouse to roll up in style. If you don’t have a gearhead friend, there are plenty of rental places who will rent you the car of your dreams for the day. Some couples even put the top down and hold sparklers out the window as they roll up to the wedding. Just don’t put the top down on the highway on the way to the ceremony—the bride won’t want to mess up her hair until after the pictures are taken.

Horse-drawn Carriage

It’s a classic fairy-tale mode of transportation (though in real life, horses are somewhat smellier than you would imagine watching Cinderella); pulling up to your venue in a horse-drawn carriage can make you feel like a Disney princess. But this is only a viable option if you don’t have too far to go—you’d hate to drive to the reception at three miles an hour only to find the guests have all given up and gone home.


And, of course, there are some couples who can’t resist making a big entrance in the coolest, loudest way possible. If you must ride a motorcycle to your wedding ceremony, at least get permission to ride it all the way up the aisle while the processional plays. You can guarantee the guests will be talking about your entrance for long after the day itself.

There are plenty of other fun options for wedding day transportation, of course. You could take a snowmobile for a winter wedding or a boat for a wedding by the lake. You could even rent a Segway or two for a thoroughly nerdy entrance. Whatever you choose, keep in mind practicality—if your groom’s wearing a kilt, for example, perhaps riding in on a tandem bicycle is a bad idea. But no matter what you choose, make your wedding day ride something you’ll always fondly remember.