/Tips And Tricks To Avoid Traffic Tickets

Tips And Tricks To Avoid Traffic Tickets

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“Each driver is a source of money,” is the view of Richard Diamond author of The Washington Times, who in his spare time is a lawyer, fighting for the rights of drivers. According to him, traffic cameras area subtle waythat the police uses to “hunt” drivers whose speed is exaggerated and unfair to motorists.

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He considers that drivers are increasingly becoming a source of money to the police. In the fight against monetary penalties for speeding, he offers the following tips to avoiding such penalties. This means if you drive normally and respect the laws, you won’t face penalties and traffic tickets. All of this can be avoided simply by respecting some rules.

First and most important of all, you need to be constantly aware of the surroundings. For example, for every traffic, there must be a reason. Also, if the driver that is passing you gives you some sign with the lights that probably means that there is a traffic police nearby.Pay attention to these signs and take them in consideration in order to be prepared for what can possibly happen.

Do not attract attention to yourself. A car driving in the slow lane is a lot less likely to receive a fine rather than a red Ferrari that’s driven fast.

Do not talk unnecessarily. If you get stopped the police, give themyour driver’s license and registration and that is all. You do not have to answer unnecessary questions. However, be nice and not arrogant –with a nice behavior people are less likely to be punished.

Do not accept the punishment very easy. Talk to the policeman before they write you a sentence, and if you get to a court test all the possible ways to dispute the charge.

The judge is there to accuse you. This should be very clear to you. Judges are part of this system of “collecting money”, so make sure to find a reason that will make them uncomfortable to condemn you. For example, you can audiotape or videotape the conversation with the officer in case there is a contradiction between his testimony and the reality, so you can negotiate with the judge. But make sure the law allows you shooting with a mobile phone because in different countries there are different laws on this subject. So remember very clearly – before you do anything, make sure it is legal and does not break any laws or rules. Like it was mentioned before, do not argue with the policeman or the judge. Do not say unnecessary things. Because sometimes it is better not to say anything at all.

Check the radar for correctness. Ask the officer if they have a featuring document of calibration of the radar, because that is the only wayto know whether it accurately measured the speed at which you are driving or not.