/Why You Shouldn’t Service Your Car at Official Dealerships

Why You Shouldn’t Service Your Car at Official Dealerships

The maintenance of a luxury European car is not exactly cheap as most of these vehicles are designed with a focus on comfort and performance. This cost can be quite high, especially in the event the vehicle is taken to an official dealership for repairs and servicing. However, you do not necessarily have to pay exorbitant fees just because your vehicle is a luxury brand. One way you could avoid doing that is by approaching a professional non-dealership European car maintenance specialist.

Who Are Non-Dealership European Car Maintenance Specialists?

Non-Dealership car maintenance specialists are professional service providers who specialise in repairing, maintaining and servicing luxury vehicle brands. These professionals offer the same standard services an official dealership will provide but at a more affordable cost; allowing you to save more while getting the kind of services you are looking for.

Why You Should Not Take Your Car To An Official Dealership For Servicing

There are many reasons why you should consider not taking your luxury European-made vehicle to an official dealership. And here are some of them:


When it comes to the maintenance of luxury vehicles, the issue of cost cannot be emphasized enough. The problem with approaching official dealerships is that most of them tend to charge very high prices for their services. Just because your car is a luxury brand should not be the reason why you have to pay more for services you could acquire at a relatively cheaper price.

Non-Personalised Services

Another problem with approaching an official dealership is that their services are non-personalised. Considering the amount of money you will be required to part with, their services should be, at the very least, personalised to suit your specific needs and requirements. Most dealerships just focus on the problem at hand and will generally not offer other custom solutions. As such, if you need to have your car modified, then it is very likely that your needs will not be met.

Expensive Parts

Most official dealerships will only install genuine parts in their vehicle brands. The problem with that is that most of these parts are rather expensive. This in turn affects the overall cost of the solutions provided. However, there are genuine generic parts that are relatively cheaper and which will fit and work perfectly in most of these vehicles. The tricky thing about this is that most dealerships will never use such parts.

The good thing about approaching a non-dealership European car maintenance and repairs specialist is that you are able to get personalised solutions at a price you can relate with. At the same time, non-dealership maintenance specialists can determine the extent of damage and which parts are best suited to fix a specific problem. This way, if an issue is minor and can be resolved using cheaper generic parts, then you get to save more while acquiring lasting solutions.

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