/Top 5 Pluses Of SUV

Top 5 Pluses Of SUV

If you are searching for a perfect compromise between power and practical features, such vehicle as SUVs are right up your street. The most famous representative of this vehicle is Jeep Cherokee, released in 1984 having the properties of a station wagon, but the chassis of a truck. Surely, this type of a vehicle is not for everybody, especially those who opt for sedans like exclusive Mercedes-Benz C-class or Mazda 5. However, there are some noticeable benefits worth considering and perhaps you will change your mind turning to this vehicle.


1. Handling. Being supplied with four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive SUV is perfect solution for driving in severe weather conditions and makes it possible to reach remote areas easily. Better visibility and higher seating will help a driver navigate through difficult parts of the road. What is more, this vehicle offers better reaction speed than bulkier ones like trucks or vans.

2. Power. As a rule, most of SUVs have either a six cylinder or eight cylinder engine with 170 horsepower under the hood. This A standard SUV might get about, although an SUV like the BMW X6 M, which is positioned by the company as a sports activity vehicle and is able to output as much as 547 horsepower. Nowadays modern SUVs can tow up to a few tons. Such abilities are compensated by such factors as fuel economy and retail price, so consumers must be sensible and savvy about the type of SUV that is likely to benefit them the most.

3. Space. One more advantage of the SUV is its roomy and comfortable interior. If to need to transport seven to eight people at once, you will hardly find more suitable option than SUV with its incredible seating capacity. Unlike many sedans, this utility vehicle has plenty of cargo room and what’s more, it can be widened with the addition of folding rear seats, so transporting bulky and unwieldy things will not be a problem for you anymore. Some SUVs also have power opening tailgates, which makes access to the trunk much easier.

4. Safety. Raising higher above the ground this vehicle allows its owner to drive over different small objects in the road much more easily and often with minimal damage. The height also allows the undercarriage to be raised to a level where it is possible to drive on different roads, including off road conditions. Some models have a front grill protecting both engine and passengers by dissipating debris before it can cause some damage to the car.

5. Towing Capacity. Such distinctive features of SVUs as larger size as well as increased engine and transmission specifications makes this vehicle a perfect solution for towing boats, trailers, and other items which would be impossible to do owning Mercedes Benz or Toyota sedans. This necessary feature is significant for those choosing active lifestyle and extreme sport activities.

In a nutshell, SUVs have gained a perfect reputation in providing their owners with smooth and comfortable ride both in poor weather conditions and off-roads. Modern SUVs offer many additional options to choose from and drivers can customize the vehicle to meet their requirements and personal needs.