/An Introduction to Halo Lights

An Introduction to Halo Lights

While you may not drive the latest super car, you can give your car, truck, or SUV a super upgrade with the help of halo lights from Oracle Lighting. The high quality Oracle halos give vehicles the look of the halo projector headlights, found on today’s hottest sports cars and luxury vehicles. Transforming your lights into halo headlights is simple with Oracle lights, and this brief guide will give you all the basics you need to know to choose the best halo lighting for your vehicle


The Easy Shortcut to Halo Headlights

A halo headlight is one that has an illuminated ring around its outer edge. The design was pioneered by BMW, and has since become popular with custom mod enthusiasts. Oracle is considered the leader in aftermarket halo rings for vehicles, and has designed halo lights that can be installed inside of conventional or aftermarket headlights. Once the rings are in place, they look as if they are shining from the outside of the headlights for a stylish effect.

Oracle’s 3 Halo Light Options

Oracle halos come in three main varieties:

  • CCFL Lights, or cold cathode fluorescent lights are the least expensive option among the three types of Oracle lights. When illuminated, the lights have a glow that is similar to neon lighting, and their rings are continuous circles that travel around the outside edge of the To use these halo headlights rings, you need to use an external power supply, and an inverter that Oracle provides in the kit. The lights are warrantied for a lifetime and have a 50,000-hour lifespan.
  • LED Lights, or light emitting diode lights are the most popular option in the halo rings lineup. Oracle LED lights are also called SMDs, an abbreviation that stands for Surface Mount Diode, an exclusive technology developed by Oracle. The SMD lights are offered in multiple colors and burn much brighter than CCFLs. Also warrantied for a lifetime, the lights have a 60,000-hour lifespan. No external power supply is needed, and the lights install easily with a self-adhesive backing from 3M that is pre- mounted on the The major downside to the SMD rings is that the light appears as dots of illumination that form a circle around the headlight rather than a solid ring of light.
  • Plasma Lights are the priciest and most advanced halo headlight option from Oracle. The lights give you the bright illumination of SMDs, but with the continuous lighting effect of CCFLs. The look is made possible through the use of multiple semiconductors, and a revolutionary chip-on-board Like the other halo rings, the plasma Oracle halo headlights are warrantied for a lifetime. Their 100,000-hour lifespan makes them the longest-lasting option. Easy to install like the LEDs, the plasma rings feature solid state technology to make them ultra-durable on rough terrains.

Other Halo Light Technologies from Oracle

In addition to their standard halo rings, Oracle offers some specialty products, including halo fog lights, tail lights, and halo rings for motorcycles. In addition, Oracle Lighting also makes LED lights with ColorSHIFT technology. These lights shine in 12 different standard colors, and come with a controller that allows you to dial in settings to produce hundreds of colors in an instant.

Whether you’re looking for standard halo headlights, or want to upgrade your headlights, taillights, and fog lights with halo lighting, Oracle is the brand to choose. The quality and durability of the lights is truly second to none. To read more about headlights, click here.