/Are E-Bikes The Future Of Commuting In The Uk?
Are E-Bikes The Future Of Commuting In The Uk?

Are E-Bikes The Future Of Commuting In The Uk?

Yes. If recent data from the automobile industry is any indication. Recent figures indicate annual sales of 50,000-60,000 e-bikes in the UK. The Government altered its Cycle to Work Scheme in the past year. Employers have been allowed to sanction loans for purchasing e-bikes costing upwards of £1,000. This is expected to provide impetus to the purchase of e-bikes.

The Mayor of London is making an effort to motivate citizens to use e-bikes. The UK transport secretary has declared enthusiastic schemes to turn cycling into a part of a £2bn ‘active travel’ campaign.

People have also started realising the benefits of e-bike.

Benefits Of E-Bikes

Health Benefits

An e-bike is essentially a regular bike fitted with a motor. E-bikes are a great method to combine physical activity along with your commute to work. On days when you don’t feel like exerting yourself too much, you can use the high-level pedal boost to reduce your effort.

Suitable For All Age Groups

This is a major benefit of e-bikes. Due to its pedal boost technology, even seniors can use it. It is also suitable for those with joint problems or those recovering from injuries. Riding an e-bike is less stressful as compared to regular bike as e-bikes work with battery-operated pedal assist.

Has Multiple Uses

You can take your e-bike on a shopping trip. You can ride it up the hills. Riding a steep incline is easy with the e-bike. E-bikes can be used on any terrain. The rechargeable batteries can be used to cover distances from 25 to 45 km/h. This translates into longer rides. If the battery runs out, you can always use the pedal as in conventional bicycles.

Faster Commute

This is an attractive benefit of e-bike. They are much faster than regular cycling. The compact frame of the e-bike means that you can navigate traffic easily. You can also use cycle lanes available in your city. You need not worry about parking space either.

They Are Economical

Petrol and diesel prices are on an upward surge. The e-bike batteries are quite affordable. Using an e-bike is sure to save you money in the long run.

No Environmental Damage

All of us are guilty of adding to Global warming at some level. E-bike is an excellent method of reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to make your city pollution-free.

What are you waiting for? Get an e-bike and enjoy the numerous benefits of e-bike.