/Calling All Car Lovers!

Calling All Car Lovers!

Does winning a luxury car sound appealing to you? We have a competition running at the moment wherein you can WIN A LUXURY CAR OF YOUR CHOICE! No… this is not a drill! It’s very simple to enter and even better… there are less than 4000 tickets per competition SO… you are more than 11,000 times likely to win a Good Life Competition than the lottery! So, we thought we would take the time to tell you more about the cars that could soon be yours.

Car LoversThe Mercedes-Benz GLA Class

If you’re after a sleek model that will catch your eye, then the Mercedes-Benz GLA is the one for you. If you’ve always dreamt about living the life of luxury, then this interior is the perfect match. Venture out and use the real-time navigation system that will take you anywhere and everywhere… fast. Glide down any road, any drive will feel effortless, the GLA will always keep up with any lifestyle. Find out more information about the model by clicking here


The Bentley Continental GTC

Always dreamt about owning a convertible? Make your dreams a REALITY by simply entering the competition and this elegant and stylish car could be yours! This model truly sets standards high in the crafting of the ultimate ride, designed and built in the heart of England, you’ll love to take adventures to the extreme in this car. Find out more about this car here

The Porsche Panemera

There are three words to describe this model: urban, sophistication and class. If you want to ride in style or maybe you’ve always wanted a Porsche… Look no further! We have a Porsche Panemera up for grabs in our current competition. This is the ultimate sports car BUT it doesn’t hold you back from everyday use it is renowned for its versatility and can fit four passengers plus luggage space! Find out more about the Porsche here

So… which car is it for you? A simple entry in this competition could change your life and you can say hello to riding in style.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog! We have even MORE Good Life Competitions coming up which will give you the chance to say hello to the life of luxury. GOOD LUCK!