/CarLock: An All Round Car Protection System

CarLock: An All Round Car Protection System

Car safety is a serious issue and with the car thefts going higher by the day, it is time for a comprehensive car protection system that would not only alert you when the car is at risk but also help you out when you are in danger as well. The CarLock Solution is a car protection system that secures the car against any kind of theft. It is a three-fold process with a CarLock device, CarLock Cloud and a CarLock app. In case of a break in or a theft attempt the solution sends alert on the mobile phone app of the owner via CarLock Cloud. The notification alert comes with a loud noise which is hard to miss. It gives an in detailed description of what exactly happened while the car was being stolen.

Complete 24/7 protection

The CarLock Cloud acts as a medium through which the device and the app connect with each other. It ensures a complete 24/7 protection by recording the location of the car on the GPS and the data thus retrieved is forwarded to the Cloud where is it processed and analyzed and in case of a threat an alert is sent on the mobile of the user. The best thing about the system is that it allows the owner to monitor his or her car from anywhere in the world. A CarLock solution connects to the car through the OBD port. A connected car can then start sending signals through the Cloud.

If one enables the monitoring system then the CarLock alerts in case of any kind of vibration or movement of the car, that is when someone sits in the car or the engine is started. It also notifies in case of low battery. In case if the solution gets disconnected, it uses the backup battery for notifying the owner.

Few advantages that you get with this Carlock solution are:

  • You can now sleep without worrying about your car. In case of any problem, you will get the notification.
  • Get help if you accidentally crash your car. SMS will be sent to your contact via Carlock cloud if you crash your car.
  • You can monitor your cars health easily now. You will get a notification if your car’s battery is low.
  • You won’t lose your car again now. Car lock app can help you find your car even in a big city easily.

Any attempt of GPS jamming also gets notified as well. With the CarLock monitoring system not only the car but you also get the help when needed. The app is easy to use and the download is also free. The SMS services can be activated in situation of bad network connectivity. The SMS notifications can be switched on and off easily according to the need and requirement.