/Do’s And Don’ts Of Buying A Used Lexus In Toronto

Do’s And Don’ts Of Buying A Used Lexus In Toronto

Do Make A Budget!

This should be your first step and you should stick within your budget at all costs!


Do Your Homework First!

Never jump the gun! Do the necessary research into the car you want to buy such as the mileage and reliability it offers. If that model is known to develop expensive problems, don’t buy it! Do your homework!

Don’t Buy A Bigger Engine On A Whim!

Make sure you opt for the right engine for your monthly gas budget. You can find several engine options in any used Lexus in Toronto so stick to the ones that you can afford to use after you buy them!

Do Look For The Best Price!

Look for the best price you can get on the used Lexus in Toronto that you like, but make sure you’re not going for the worst of the lot!

Don’t Go For The Cheapest Car!

Going for the cheapest car you can find is the worst decision you can ever make! It is never a good idea to go for the lowest price option. Look for something that hits the sweet spot, right in the middle of the price range for that car. That’s where the best deals usually are!

Do Look For A Well Maintained Car!

A well maintained car is one that has a good service history. The best cars are usually the best maintained ones. They might seem expensive but they are reasonably priced since they won’t break down as soon as you drive them out of the dealership!

Don’t Forget To Check The Car’s History!

The one thing you must do before you sign any contracts is checking the car’s history. Has anyone reported any major issues with the car? Does it have a wonky engine that keeps breaking down or is the suspension too soft? This stuff will help you save a ton of money in repairs and refits after you’ve bought the car!

Don’t Buy Cars With Visible Damage Or Decay!

A car with bad rusting is usually a sign of a car that might have been flooded or might have been in an accident. You might end up having to pay a lot on body work to get that rust out. If it’s been flooded in the past, chances are, you’ll have plenty of engine and transmission trouble so avoid such cars.

Do Test Drive The Car!

One of the best tests of a car is a long test drive to make sure the car is in good running condition. Look for any weird sounds or vibrations, and check all the switches and buttons while driving around. Check the boot and under the hood as well after you’ve driven the car a bit. Also, test drive multiple cars of the same model to get a good idea of what the car should be like.

Don’t Buy If It Doesn’t Feel Right!

If it doesn’t feel right, chances are, it isn’t right! Walk away and find another car.

Don’t Buy From The Wrong Dealer!

Not all dealers are reliable. Finding a used Lexus in Toronto is easy, but finding a reliable car and dealer isn’t. One reliable dealer is Coliseum Auto Sales on Milford Avenue in Toronto. They have a nice collection of cars in very good condition. Do check them out!