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Pressure Washer

How To Buy A Pressure Washer

Pressure water is high-pressure equipment that is used for cleaning surfaces. It can be used to clean the patio, fence, vehicle, houses roofs and more other places. The pressure washer has a hose-pipe with a nozzle which is used to direct water to a certain area for washing. You can also connect a spray gun & an extension wand. This will give high-pressure water when you activate the trigger.

These are different types of a pressure washer. The difference is brought about by the source of its driving power and the specifications. In terms of power source, it’s categorized into gas-powered pressure washer and electric power pressure washer. In terms of specifications, this product is categorized as professional, semi-pro and consumer pressure washer.

How to Buy a Pressure Washer

When buying a pressure washer certain things are needed to be considered. This will help you in getting the appropriate pressure washer that suits your needs. There are many pressure washers in the market with different qualities hence you should be cautious. Below is a guided step you should follow when in need of one.

  • Gas or electric pressure washer

Electric or gas pressure washers will pressurize water differently. They have different speeds & strengths.  The gas-powered pressure washer has operated with more noise although it will give out more power. On the other side, an electric pressure washer operates with less noise but produces less power. A gas pressure washer is suitable for cleaning large areas and they can operate for long continuously. An electric pressure washer is best for cleaning smaller areas and it can be used for long hours.

Pressure Washer

  • Hot or cold pressure washer

When buying a pressure washer, you need to decide which will suit your needs. A cold pressure washer is used with cold water while hot water pressure washer is used with hot water. A cold pressure washer is more portable than hot water pressure washers. Hot pressure water cleans the surfaces well hence it is best for farm or industrial use.

  • Power output

Most of the pressure washers will state its power in two ways which include pounds-per-square-inch (PSI) & gallons-per-minute (GPM). It will be difficult to know which pressure washer to buy if Cleaning Units (CU) isn’t stated. However, you can easily figure it out by multiplying PSI and GPM.

A less duty pressure washer which has 1,200-1,900 psi is capable of cleaning an area with 10-40 square feet within 10 minutes. This makes it suitable for cleaning vehicles, patio furniture or garage floor. An average pressure washer with 1,950-2,600 psi is capable of cleaning 40-90 square feet within 10 minutes. This makes it suitable for cleaning bigger areas e.g. in driveway, deck or sidewalk. A heavy-duty pressure washer which has 2,650-3,800 psi can comfortably clean an area of 90-190 square feet within 10 minutes. This makes it best for cleaning fences.

  • Portability

Most of the pressure washer comes with wheels. This makes it easy for one to take it from one place to the other. Remember to purchase a pressure washer which has a strong and durable wheel for efficiency. Furthermore, this pressure washer comes with a handle which will make it easy for one to either pull or push it. Additionally, remember to check the size of the pipe. Long pipes will allow you to clean the unreached areas comfortably.

  • Spray nozzle

Pressure washers come with a different spray nozzle which will allow you to accomplish different cleaning requirements. A telescoping-wand nozzle will help you to clean a second-story siding & other raised areas. The width of a nozzle may vary from a focused jet to a 40-degree-fan. This can be varied by attaching a different tip or twisting the nozzle.

Normally most pressure washers come with 4 changeable tips with 0-degrees, 15- degrees, 25- degrees & 40- degrees. You can easily test the way the nozzle operates within a distance of 3 to 4 feet.

  • Alternative water source

Some pressure washer models are made to also use an alternative water source. They are capable of getting water from a well or a tank. This makes it more suitable for use in areas that have scant water.

  • Availability of spare parts

Another thing which you should consider when buying a pressure washer is the availability of spare parts. These pieces of equipment are man-made and they wear out or fail to operate. It is always recommended that you go for the product which is readily available in your region. This will also ensure that you will have technical assistance ready if the need arises.

  • Belt drive or direct drive

A pressure washer can be either a belt drive or a direct drive. In direct drive pressure-washer, its motor is directly locked in a pump with the assistance of a shaft-coupler. This is the most common design which is found in more pressure washers. With belt drive, pressure-washer a belt is utilized to join the pump and the motor. This will make the pressure washer bigger in size hence making it more complex.

  • Detergents

You should be cautious about the kind of detergent you will use to protect your pressure washer. Detergents should also be used properly i.e. should be used with low-pressure spray.


I believe the above step will guide you in getting the best pressure washer. Remember to be careful when using a pressure washer because it causes injuries. The speed of the spayed water can actually tear your skin which can give you a bacterial infection. For excellent cleaning, the experience gets the best pressure washer using the guidance above.