/How to Transfer the Ownership of a Car Between Emirates
How to Transfer the Ownership of a Car Between Emirates

How to Transfer the Ownership of a Car Between Emirates

When a car is sold that is registered with a specific emirate to a person who is residing in another Emirate, the procedure to transfer initiates along with the legal guidelines of the buyer. If the specific legal requirements of the new buyer are not met, it will result in penalties and fines.

A disciplinary action might strike on the seller as well. Transferring of ownership is needed if someone is leaving the country or if someone else will possess the car. Below are the requirements for the transfer of ownership which is also imperative for the used cars for sale in Dubai.

Pay the Pending Traffic Fines

The seller of the vehicle needs to pay all the outstanding traffic fines. This should be done before giving the car to the other person. These fines depend on the Emirate in which the vehicle is presently registered.

  • The Abu Dhabi Police portal collects fines in the respective area
  • Dubai Police traffic fines payment portal or the RTA website is responsible for fines in Dubai
  • Traffic fines in other Emirates should be seen on the Ministry of Interior website

Obtain a pass Report

The seller should have the vehicle inspected professionally to determine its functioning. The pass report showcases the evidence of functioning which can be obtained from a government agency named Tasjeel.

This agency takes a test of 50 points which costs AED 350. But in case you need a more detail-oriented examination, Dubizzle pro offers a 240 points analysis. This exam makes sure that it’s mechanically sound. The pass report also showcases the stable shape of the vehicle, the details of the owner, insurance policy, and previous record.

Transfer Policies

Both the mortgage and insurance policy should be transferred. As for the buyer, the responsibility of renewing the car insurance will be given. If the vehicle is under the mortgage, it automatically becomes the property of the company financing.

This mortgage policy should be transferred to the new owner through the power of attorney. However, the insurance policy should be canceled or given to the buyer. If the insurance policy is expired, the buyer should obtain a new car insurance policy.

How to Transfer the Ownership of a Car Between Emirates

Banks dutifully clear out the finances of the vehicles too. For example, an excellent financing solution termed as AutoSwap is provided by the Emirates NBD bank. This feature removes the trouble of solving the current loans.


No transfer of ownership can be successful without a set of specific documents. These documents are required by both parties of buyer and seller. The seller or the current owner should have the below documents:

  • Original and a copy of the passport and residence visa
  • Final loan payment confirmation if the car is on loan
  • The original Emirates ID
  • The original car registration card is known as Mulkiya

The new owner or the buyer needs to have the following:

  • Original insurance certificate
  • Original Emirates ID
  • Original and a copy of valid residence visa and passport
  • Original and a copy of UAE driving license

How to Transfer the Ownership of a Car Between Emirates

Settle the Vehicle Number Plates

It is not important to own a car to get your hands on the number plates. This is true especially in Dubai where there is no need to have ownership to get number plates. Usually, it is the buyer or the new owner who gets to keep the number plate. However, the seller or the previous owner can also retain the plates.

Sometimes the emotional side of the sellers urges them to keep the number plate. But even so, there are specific regulations that need to be followed if someone wants to retain the plates. Usually, the owner’s certificate is needed which is issued by RTA. New number plates can also be offered to the vehicle.

So this concludes our effective guide to transfer the ownership of a vehicle to a different emirate. In case you are planning to sell your car to another Emirate, the above-mentioned steps will help you settle the process. You can have a smooth and hassle-free procedure for the ownership transfer. Knowing how this process can be surrounded by legal concerns and fines, it is important to know all the details.