/Tips to Buff and Polish a Car like a Pro!

Tips to Buff and Polish a Car like a Pro!

There are many things you need to know to maintain your car like; washing, painting, buffing, polishing, waxing, detailing etc. In this article we are discussing about buffing and polishing. Polishing is use to remove oxidation and improve the quality of metal by adding a protective layer on its surface. Polishing is a pre-requisite step for buffing. Buffing is use to smooth the surface of metal. Here are some tips you can use to buff and polish your car like a pro.




Polishing works from top to bottom in sections.  Apply the polish product to the applicator pad. Dab the pad over the area to be wearing upon and start spreading the Polish evenly.  Once spread start to work in the Polish with moderate pressure in both circular and linear motions. Try to follow the contours of the vehicle and continue working the Polish until it becomes almost clear on the surface of the paint. Use a plush microfiber towel to ensure all residues is removed from the polished areas

Step 2:

Now look at the process for polishing your paintwork using a dual action orbital machine polisher. Apply two or three pea-sized blobs of polish product onto the polishing pad and dab over the surface. Spread the polish on a low-speed using only the weight of the machine. Then turn the speed of the machine right up and begin to work the polishing using moderate pressure move the machine in up and down and side-to-side linear motions. Continue working the polish on this speed until it begins to turn clear.  At this point turn the machine back down to a lower speed and make a final few light passes using just the weight of the machine

Step 3:

Wipe off the polish residue with a soft plush microfiber towel repeat. Use a detailing spray to spread the polish and also to aid the removal of polish residue during buffing.


Step 1:

Park your car in a location where you can do this work. Once you have the ideal location wash your car. Make a solution of soap and water in a bucket. Take a wooden block and wrap sandpaper around it. Dip it into the soap solution and start washing your car thoroughly. Use different types of sandpaper like 1500, 2000, 5000 and saturate them in soap solution to get better results. After washing wipe the residual solution with microfilament towel.

Step 2:

Now choose an orbital buffer machine and attach a pad on it. Make sure you use a pad that’s for buffing not polishing. If you are using an old pad make sure to clean it. Start the machine and move a wrench on the pad to remove dirt. After preparing your machine, choose the material for buffing. You can use polish or swirl cream for buffing. Use buffing paste and a spray a light mist of water, which will help to spread the paste. Now start the machine on low speed and use gentle pressure to spread the paste evenly on the surface. Use small circular motion to buff each part of the car. Keep buff flat to the panel to avoid burning through the paint.

Step 3:

Now use a microfilament towel to clean any residue. If you have a dark color car, you will need swirl remover cream and softer polishing pads to remove the swirls caused by the last pad and paste. Finally use a wax on and wax off technique to clean all the left over paste and cream.

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