/Is Selling My Junk Car the Best Choice?

Is Selling My Junk Car the Best Choice?

At one time you may have had every intention of fixing up that old car that’s been sitting in your driveway unused, but as months (or years) have slipped away from you, it’s likely that so has the motivation to tackle the project. Unfortunately, whether or not it personally bothers you to see it sitting there day in and day out in its decrepit state, it’s sure to be an eyesore for the rest of the neighborhood. There are also ordinances in most, if not all, counties that prohibit junk vehicles from remaining parked out in the open, creating a blemish on the city’s landscape. If you think you might be violating any of these regulations or causing tension between you and your neighbors, it’s a good time to ask yourself, “Is selling my junk car the best choice?” Learn more about being in ownership of an automobile that should probably be turned into scrap metal.


Determining if You Are in Possession of a Junk Car

One person’s prized possession could easily be distinguished as another person’s junk car, so it can be difficult to set aside your personal feelings and determine whether or not the vehicle you’re holding on to is actually viewed as a junk car by law. Though every city will have it’s own specific definition of a junk car, most will agree that a vehicle can be described as junk when it is no longer in operable condition (wrecked beyond repair or dismantled) and/or does not have a current license plate or registered tags.

Problems With Keeping a Junk Car

Aside from it being an unappealing addition to your yard or street, there are several problems that come with keeping a junk car. They can significantly reduce property values in the neighborhood, create an unsafe and hazardous environment for passersby, welcome acts of vandalism and cause environmental dangers due to chemical leaks, fires, etc. In addition, daily citations can be given out to anyone who chooses to ignore their city’s rules regarding junk vehicles, which is not only a headache, but can add up to be quite a bit.

Options For Getting Rid of a Junk Car

Some people may be unaware that they have options when it comes to getting rid of their junk car. In some instances, it may be in good enough shape to donate to charity or a local mechanic shop. You may be able to pawn it off on someone else who actually has the extra time to take on a hobby like fixing up an old clunker. However, one of the most lucrative decisions you can make is to sell it for cash to a reputable company that specializes in junk car sales. Every car has some kind of value that can still be squeezed out of it, whether it’s for parts, metal or some other resource.

If you’re guilty of allowing a neglected vehicle to sit on your property, make the right (and legal) choice to sell your junk car before you become the unpopular neighbor and nuisance of the town.