/What Are the Most Common Workplace Injuries?
What Are the Most Common Workplace Injuries?

What Are the Most Common Workplace Injuries?

Every single year there are hundreds upon thousands of injuries in the workplace, some of which can even be fatal. Most workplaces, nowadays, have the proper precautions to avoid these injuries as much as they can. However, sometimes workplace injuries are unavoidable and happen quite often.

But what are the most common workplace injuries and their causes? Keep reading to find out and see what you can do to lessen their risks.

1. Muscle Strains

This workplace injury is primarily seen in those who regularly have to lift heavy loads whilst on the job. From incorrect lifting techniques to loads that are too large, back and neck strains are amongst the most common work-related injuries.

A common way to avoid these muscle strains is to exchange your manual lifting equipment for electric models, from a trusted supplier such as Trucks Direct. To read more about the effects of manual lifting on workplace safety, click here.

The electric models offer power-assisted lifting, which will save your neck and back the next time you lift a big load.

2. Simple Slips, Trips and Falls

It doesn’t matter what work environment you find yourself in, sometimes we can simply be clumsy and slip. You’re likely to encounter a slippery surface at some point in most work environments, making it unsurprising that this ranks high on the list.

We humans can sometimes just be clumsy, or encounter obstructions in our path. Either way, it is important that the correct precautions are taken to ensure that this risk is minimised.

This of course can be done by proper signage of wet floors and any other trip hazards in the workplace environment.

3. Being Hit by Falling Objects

Although upon first thought, this seems like a hazard exclusive to more industrial work environments, it is certainly not.

In an office, warehouse or any work environment, employees can be at risk of falling objects. In an office environment, the culprit may be a book on a shelf or a dish in the cabinet of the canteen. Whatever your work environment is, there will be objects at a height that can potentially fall on you.

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Objects which fall from heights such as shelves and cabinets can cause injuries, especially to the head.

Correct and thorough training can be the solution to this common hazard; also reminding employees how to store items safely and effectively.

4. Fights in the Workplace

We’ve all been involved or witnessed some tension in the workplace at some point. Sometimes, these disputes boil over and translate into physical fights. Dependent on a number of factors, these fights can result in fairly bad injuries in the workplace.

A way in which you can reduce the likelihood of workplace brawls is to always hear employees’ grievances out, and ensure that they are dealt with before it’s too late and people are throwing punches.

Having the correct procedures in place for any disagreements in the workplace can really help to reduce the risk of injury from a physical fight.

5. Inhaling Toxic Fumes

For the select few who regularly work with toxic chemicalume extracs, the inhaling of such fumes can lead to eye and skin conditions.

Moreover, without proper protection whilst handling these chemicals, workers can be susceptible to more severe effects too. These include chemical pneumonitis, liver and kidney damage and even cancer.

Because of this, employers should always ensure that the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn by workers to allow for the safe handling of toxic fumes. Alternatively, a fume extraction system could be installed to protect employees.

6. Loud Noises in the Workplace

The human ears are sensitive organs that need to be protected when exposed to loud noises. Within the industrial workplace especially, employees are exposed to these loud noises rathe regularly and therefore their ears are at risk. Industrial deafness is the result of this, which is why proper ear protection should always be worn when working around loud machinery and equipment.

7. Lacerations

Cuts and abrasions can be very minor workplace injuries, but can also be some of the most severe. These can occur in almost every work environment, from a range of different sources.

Whether it’s your office stapler or a production machine, cuts and lacerations are very common workplace injuries.

By having a first-aid kit on hand in your workplace, anyone who is a victim of a laceration can be treated quickly and effectively. Ensure that all workers are aware of where the kit is so that if needed it can be accessed by anyone.

8. Chemical Burns

Chemical burns can be a common occurrence in workplace settings that handle a lot of harmful chemicals. The best way to avoid chemical burns at work is to ensure that employers coat their chemical storage vats with Bund Lining. Bund lining is a thin protective barrier made of resin that prevents storage units from leaking, should the unit experience deterioration. It greatly reduces the risk of chemical burns in the workplace and should be used in hazardous chemical facilities.