/How To Choose The Right Loading Ramp For Your Atv

How To Choose The Right Loading Ramp For Your Atv

It is not always easy leading the adventurous life. You always need to have the proper discernment in picking out the right tools and equipment to safely do the things you love. For All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and motorbike riders, this is more prominent in trying to select the right ramp that can properly help load and unload their ATVs from their trucks or trailers.


There is a wide selection of truck loading ramps in the market, making it difficult for most to narrow down that list down to the best ATV or motorbike ramps. To help with your selection, here are some guidelines that can definitely aid in weeding out the bad choices from the exceptionally good ones.

Always check the load capacity and loading height

Like every other loading ramps, ATV and motorbike ramps have a predetermined load capacity or the maximum amount of weight that it can hold. Always check the specifications if your chosen loading ramp can carry the weight of your vehicle, plus the additional weight from the fuel and other accessories plus your own weight (as you would invariably be riding that thing when you unload it from your truck). It is always a good idea to get a ramp that can carry 20lbs more than the computed amount of total weight just to be safe.


Also, you might want to check the loading height clearance to prevent any accidents like tipping.

Consider the type of ramp you want to use

Do you want a dual runner, bifold, trifold, trailer, attached, hitch mounted, non-folded or arched? With so many to choose from, you should always keep in mind the type of vehicle you will use it for, the kind of terrain in which you will use it, and the width of your vehicle’s tires.

Furthermore, you need to consider the make of the ramp as there are two popular choices: steel and aluminum. Steel might be tougher and cheaper but aluminum is more lightweight and does not rust.

It is also a point of consideration if you are going to use the loading ramp aside from ATVs and motorbikes, like lawn mowers or snow mobiles, as loading ramps are far from being universal. Always check the suitability of your chosen ramp with the type of vehicle you are planning to load before doing so to prevent any accidents and unnecessary damage to your properties.