/How to Pack a Truck for Long Distance Moving?

How to Pack a Truck for Long Distance Moving?

This post will guide you through the best tips on how to maximize space in a truck when packing and loading your belongings for a long distance move.

Prepare to load your items

Before you start piling your courtyard with countless items, make sure to prepare them for the long move properly.

  • Label each box to understand where to find each item.
  • Any items that did not make it into the boxes should be wrapped with plastic wrap or any other material you have.
  • Take special care of the furniture and wrap it carefully. Apply an additional layer of wrapping to the corners and legs as these might hurt someone during the loading process.
  • Pictures, mirrors and tabletops should be wrapped in plenty of paper.
  • Disassemble furniture to make it less bulky and free up more space in the truck.
  • Examine the doorways in your house to figure out the best route to take the furniture out.
  • Defrost the refrigerator. Make sure to remove all trays and shelves so they will not break down during transportation.


Loading a truck

Load heavy items first

Trucks come in various sizes and most of them can  transport quite a lot of your possessions. The capacity of a truck to contain a certain number of items is measured in cubic feet. Whether you are using a 16- or 24-cubic-feet truck, loading heavy items first is a good idea.

Heavy items that should be loaded first include the fridge, washing machine and furniture like sofas.

Create flat layers

As you load, try to assemble boxes and items in a way that would form an even, flat surface. This helps to maximize the space and load the truck from the floor to the ceiling.


Load pictures and mirrors

Fragile items like pictures and mirrors require additional protection during transportation. Place them in between mattresses or similar soft items to prevent them from breaking down.

Distribute the weight wisely

Navigating a heavily loaded truck is not easy on any road, especially so on busy city and suburban roads. For this reason, try to distribute the load evenly as this will make it easier to drive the truck.

Maximize bookshelves

Not all bookshelves can be fully disassembled; many are designed as one piece. But that does not mean you cannot find a way to make them more useful during relocation. Fill in the space with smaller boxes that would otherwise take precious space in the truck.

Secure all boxes with a strap

Even if your truck is loaded floor to ceiling, chances are all those boxes can fall apart at any turn or when opening the doors. Use straps to secure each box and keep it intact during transportation.

There you go – a bunch of practical tips to help you load your belongings onto a truck the right way. And remember that you can always hire professional movers to handle this for you.