/Do’s and Don’ts When Hiring a Professional Mover

Do’s and Don’ts When Hiring a Professional Mover

Uprooting yourself and starting anew in another place is a bit daunting. Add the stress of choosing a professional mover out of all the movers in Calgary to help you with your impending relocation and you might as well keel over and faint. Though there are professional movers you can trust, like Bill&Ben moving company in Edmonton, you might still want to shop around to decide for yourself who is the most reliable of the lot.

Here are some do’s and don’ts you need to remember when hiring a professional mover:

Do: get recommendations or read company reviews

Don’t: judge the mover by the way he/she looks

It is pretty easy to trust a smiling face, but you have to remember that the most successful criminals are exceedingly charming – they have to if they want to catch a victim under their snare. Read company reviews or, even better, get recommendations from your relatives and close friends who actually used the mover’s services. Getting and analyzing their feedbacks will give you a clear idea of how professionally the moving company does their work.

Do: due diligence and research

Don’t: just hire someone because somebody told/asked you to

Don’t hire somebody just because an acquaintance gave you rave reviews on some mover they know. Do a little digging on the company: how big they are, what kind of equipment they use, and how long they have been in the business are some of the questions you should be asking their recommended mover before deciding if you are going to avail the mover’s services or not. Doing your research can save you and your friend from playing the blame game in the event that the mover is not as fabulous as they were made out to be.

Do: insist that the mover does an actual estimate of the costs

Don’t: just ask for a price quotation by phone or email

You have to firmly insist that the professional mover does some free on-site estimate before committing yourself into hiring them instead of just asking them to give a quotation via phone or email.

Though it might seem more convenient to get a free estimate by logging onto the mover’s website and filling out their prepared form, it is safer to get a quotation as they physically examined the stuff you want to move to reduce any risks of unwanted additional costs. Not doing an on-site visit will most likely lead to grossly inaccurate estimates since they won’t be able to take into account the possible difficulties in hauling your stuff from your old home to the new one (such as needing more people than initially thought because of the sheer weight of your sofa, and the like).

Moreover, by asking them over to do the estimate face-to-face, you now have the power to negotiate the resulting costs more effectively instead of trying to haggle down the price on the day of the move itself.

Remember to do an intense comparison between potential movers before committing to any one of them.

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Roly Villa, a company supervisor, is known for his rather eccentric and choosey attitude. He seldom trust other people’s instinct but his opinion is always near the truth. He is also an expert when it comes to movers in Calgary companies because he moves around a lot.

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